Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where to place your tattoo

Tattoo locations that are easily concealable:
1. Chest/Back The chest is a good location for a tattoo that can be concealed during work and revealed during leisure. During the summer weeks you can wear a v-neck or button up to reveal at least part of the tattoo, but it can still be hidden during working hours. The chest is also a good location for a multitude of different designs. There are plenty of good quotes/sayings, floral designs. chinese/japanese characters and designs, and other tattoos that would look good on the chest.
The back is also a good place to get a concealable tattoo. Because the back is very broad and relatively flat, it's also a good place for larger pieces of artwork. However, as with the chest, nearly any type of tattoo design can work. From a single word stretching down the spine to a multipiece work that covers the entire span of the back, anything can be done.
2. Legs/Feet. Although not a many designs are typically used on the lower body as the upper body, the legs and feet are another good choice for a concealable tattoo (unless your job happens to require shorts?). Given the length and slenderness of the legs, it makes them a better candidate for a long, stretching design. The feet are a good spot for smaller designs like a dolphin, flower, or butterfly (typically seen more on women).
Other places for a tattoo:
3. Arms. The arms are a good place for a tattoo also, but even a tattoo on the upper arm can accidentally be revealed when wearing short sleeves. However, as with the legs, the form of the arms opens the opportunity for long, stretching tattoos that can even stretch around. Another popular form of tattoo is the tattoo sleeve on the forearm. This can be done with either a single design or by mixing several designs together in a collage effect.
When deciding where to get a tattoo, it is important to keep in mind how visible you want it to be. Also, if you are undecided between two different locations there is a tip to help you. Draw it on yourself. Take a non-toxic marker (that you aren't allergic to either) and try drawing it on yourself. That way you will get a feel for how it looks without making a permanent commitment to it. Even if you regret it later down the road there are ways to remove a tattoo.

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